The benefits of a digital workforce

Whilst the opportunity for cost reduction is obvious what are the other benefits and considerations that come from creating your digital workforce?


Operational efficiency and cost reduction

A fully costed robot is typically 10% of the cost of a comparable local resource and is able to work 24/7 across a variety of tasks

No more “fat fingers”

Robots never forget their training and will execute the set of rules they are given tirelessly, without boredom  and with 100% accuracy.  Manual errors will become a thing of the past.

Fat Fingers - Calculator 100%
Return on Investment

Time to benefit

Automation uses your existing systems and leaves the processes themselves largely unchanged.  This means that the process speed to deliver is far quicker (and subject to less risk) than “traditional” systems implementations.

Combine this with a significantly lower total cost of ownership and you are left with a substantially higher return on your investment.

Speed of processing

Robots can work significantly quicker than their human counterparts.  This can manifest into tangible benefits very quickly such as improving customer response times or reacting to fraudulent activities

Speed of RPA
Elastic Capacity - Bots

Elastic capacity

When one robot is trained to execute a process they all are.  No lengthy training or on-boarding required allowing you to assign your digital workforce to the tasks where they are needed the most when they are needed the most.

People enablement

A recent US study of over 244k exit interviews by the Work Institute found that one of the single largest reasons for staff leaving was that “Employee expectations may not have matched what the type of work actually involved…”

Turnover costs soon add up and can have a real impact on the performance of your business with the cost to recruit and train new staff estimated to be approximately 1/3 of an annual salary.

With a digital workforce taking care of the boring, repetitive, rules driven work your peoples time can be re-assigned to the higher value activities that call for judgement and creativity.   All that adds up to a happier, more engaged human workforce.