(or Cheaper, Faster, More Effective Automation)


A human workforce intuitively brings together a number of different skills to tackle a given process.


At Enlift we believe that the new wave of cognitive technology shouldn’t be treated any differently – treating each piece of technology separately is leaving a large part of the value on the table. This is Enlift’s “sweetspot”  – bringing cognitive technologies together to drive the best outcomes for you.


We call it Convergent Process Automation.

Consider how a lot of our innate human skills map directly onto Cognitive technologies:

Here a few examples of how cognitive technologies can be brought together and the benefit in doing so:


Chat + RPA

Quickly turn the conversations you are having into action without relying on the availability of API’s or a large effort to integrate to the back-end of systems

We’ve built a real-time multi-threaded interface that works between most of the leading Chatbot & RPA providers that allows one robot to service the requests of many chatbots at one time and balances the load across all your available bots ensuring coverage but minimising your licencing requirements

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NLP + Machine Learning + Chat

Natural Language Processing and Machine Learning techniques allow us to review existing voice transcripts to determine the most frequent intents, alternates and indicators to outcomes in a conversation.  This insight allows us to fast-track the development of a Chatbot and to cut the time it takes your bot to go from being the newest member of your team to one of your most valuable.

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Technology is only part of the automation puzzle – get in touch to learn more about our delivery framework and the supporting services we provide: