The fundamentals of robotics

The deployment of robotics is happening on a massive scale across the globe with the number of organisations realising the benefits of automation growing daily…

Robots are specialist software programs configured to automate repetitive, time consuming, low judgement tasks ordinarily carried out by humans.

Robots are quickly and easily configured to interact with your existing systems without expensive and time consuming changes – they work in the same way that humans do today but faster, without pause whilst achieving a far higher degree of accuracy.

Robots are centrally controlled and managed; once one robot is trained to execute a process they all are. This gives you the ability to deploy and scale your digital workforce when and where they are needed most whilst simultaneously giving you complete oversight into the processes they are performing.

Robust and Resilient; your digital workforce will be backed up with redundancy and fail-safes in place to ensure your digital workforce is always available and ready to work!

Time to benefit; deploying Robotics is quick and avoids many of the costs, time and risks of traditional systems implementations.  Robots can be easily trained by existing process operators – training is quick and simple and no coding required.