Our Values

At Enlift we focus on one thing – helping our clients create their digital workforce.

We believe the world is changing and changing fast; automation and applied cognitive technologies combined with vision and absolute excellence are critical success factors in today’s world.

We are founded on three core values:

  • We are people for whom integrity and respect underpins everything we do
  • We are people that are inclusive, have fun, love our work and enjoy success
  • We are people that will always do the right thing by the team and by our clients

We are different; our founders come from “Big 4” transformative backgrounds and set out to build an organisation that delivers excellence, makes game-changing impacts for our clients and cuts through all the noise and disruption to always get there.

Our Leadership

Jamie Cassidy – Founder and Director

Prior to founding Enlift Jamie has held a number of leadership positions in consulting houses and systems integrators both at home in Australia and overseas.

Most recently Jamie led the Finance transformation practice at Ernst & Young in the region and was the Robotic Process Automation domain lead for Oceania.

Ricardo Umbelino – Head of Delivery

Ricardo has over 20 years’ experience of innovation and delivery and is one of the most sought after technical leaders operating in Australia today.

Coming from a call centre technology background Ricardo’s knowledge has extended into the AI, RPA and conversational interface areas; Ricardo has led the delivery of some of Australia’s best known virtual assistants and has radically streamlined both customer facing and back-office processes for large business and governmental organisations.

Ricardo has built and led an number of practices both locally and globally. Before joining Enlift as the Head of Delivery Ricardo was the GM for Technology at Datacom where he created their Global Cognitive Experiences Practice.

Our Partners

A consistent leader in analyst reports UIPath is a premier provider of Robotic Automation software.

With a heritage of over 15 years in delivering analytical applications Taysols is at the forefront of data analytics, data science and big data techniques

One of the world’s largest, longest standing and instantly recognisable technology firms, IBM continues to be a leader in the fields of AI and cognitive technologies.

A long standing leader in the field of Conversational AI Creative Virtual’s clients include some of the largest brands globally and locally including  HSBC,  Lloyds, the BBC,  RSPCA, TfNSW and Rest Super.