A Complete Service Offering

At Enlift we offer our clients the complete range of services to create, operate, own and evolve your digital workforce.

Opportunity Assessment and Business Case

Opportunity Scan | Business case creation | Realisation tracking

As with any technology enabled transformation the creation of your digital workforce will be underpinned by a solid business case.

At Enlift we have developed a proven, templated methodology to identify opportunity and build your business case.


Implementation | Flexible delivery models

At Enlift we adopt an agile approach to implementation proving value at every step of delivery.

We understand the importance of transferring our skills and knowledge to your team and are happy to explore ways to co-resource your delivery.

Establishing your Capability

Centre of Excellence | Training | Operating Model Review | Change Management

For many organisations creating an in-house Centre of Excellence is the right way to achieve ongoing benefit from a digital workforce.  Enlift will work with you to develop a “right sized” model for your business and can partner with you to provide ongoing support and guidance that grows with digital workforce.

Automation will change your operating model, the placement of processes within your organisation and the skills your require in your teams.  Enlift is equipped to help guide you through the transformation to fully realise the benefits of automation in your business.

Ongoing Support and Innovation

Helpdesk | Line Support

“Right Size” your internal capability and access our ongoing support services…